Roofing Contractors Are Handy To Call Out To Your Home Twice A Year


Roofing contractors are handy to call out to your home twice a year. In general, that’s how often you should have your roof inspected, even if it’s just a cursory inspection. Most roofs don’t need a lot of love and attention, as they’re designed to last a long time, but it’s useful to look for tiny issues here and there that can be corrected individually and in isolated spots before the whole roof needs work.

Of course this schedule is just general. It can vary depending on your climate, your kind of roof, and even your style of home. However, you typically want one inspection done in the spring and then another one in the fall. The first looks for any signs of winter weather, snow, ice, and contraction of shingles or roofing materials causing holes, breaches, wear and tear, or caving. The fall inspection is looking for anything that got worn down or damaged from summer’s sweltering heat and tile expansion or the pounding storms and wind.

Both occasions are great times to also check on your gutters and clean them out, and these are all things you can do yourself. Online checklists and photos show you what to look for. Just make sure you print it out and carry it up there in a pocket for one-hand reference. There’s no point chiding your kids about texting and driving only for them to see you climb a ladder and look up roofing websites on your smartphone on the roof.

While DIY inspections save you money and time, it’s still good to have professional roofing contractors do it every few cycles for expert eyes on the job. It also gives you a chance to shop around local roofing contractors to know who is best, as well as take advantage of new customer roofing inspections that many offer. We would like to thank Rose Contractors, who are a reputable electrician in Longview Tx.